William-Adolphe BouguereauDante and Virgile in Hell, detail, 1850.

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if you’re feeling down, just remember that castiel is a cute drunk


who flirted with dean winchester


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The Sheriff is 100% done with all this supernatural crap.

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#squint and soften that tummy up = instant twink dean#dean’s been drooling over professor novak since the first time he walked into class#imagining ‘cas’ grabbing his head and choking him on his dick#’cas’ fucking into him slow while biting down against his neck#the two of them shifting and groaning into every conceivable position#…#of course dean never anticipated that the professor was admiring him the same way#and that after the term ended he’d find ‘cas’ riding him so hard he wouldn’t be able to scream#just choked gasps and silent moans as ‘cas’ shot come across his chest via (x)

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Chest Hair.

Chest Hair.

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